After over 3 years of having the incredibly fortunate experience of travelling around the country meeting amazing and inspirational Australian makers, it’s hard to believe that this stage of the journey at least is almost over.

We recently visited Canberra for some of the last of the now ‘3-Up’ interviews, and will miss not catching up with people again next year to see how their creative journey is going. Hopefully our paths will cross in other ways.

This also means that we’ll be entering the final stage of writing up a report that reflects the findings from the whole project. The report will be freely available from this website from around November, plus we’ll make sure to email all participants in the project a copy as an FYI. We’ll also be taking advantage of events held by local and state-based design, art and craft support organisations to come and speak about the findings to as many people in the community as possible, so please keep a look out for us!